3 tips for finding the right photographer

3 tips for finding the right photographer

There’s never been as many photographers as there are today. Finding the right one can be a tiresome job. Here are three tips to help you get it right. 

1. How much does it cost to hire a photographer in Sweden?


You usually pay photographers by the hour. A standard hourly rate is just over 1,000 SEK, often with two hours minimum time. There are two industry price lists that many photographers use, BLF and SFF. 

Many photographers charge per image to cover the time of image processing – They normally take several hundred SEK per image.

Often the price will increase if you want increased usage rights. Up to three times the hourly rate if you want complete rights to the images.
Some photographers apply a fixed-price-per-image, with free rights. (This is how our agency bills).

Tip: Always check the price with the photographer before the shoot, and check what usage rights apply. The best thing is to negotiate a package price.

Keep in mind that the most expensive image is the one that’s too bad to use. So it’s important you choose the right photographer. Start by evaluating photographers’ websites.

2. How you evaluate a photographer’s website


Most photographers have their own website. And almost all photographers show pretty pictures. But how do you know who is best suited for your job?

Tip: Try to find a photographer who takes great pictures at “unsexy” occasions. Almost anyone can take crazy pictures at a rooftop party in NYC. You’ll always get cool images in those occasions. But who can make good pictures of a city council meeting in fluorescent lighting?

If you hire a photographer who takes good pictures in difficult conditions, then the chances are you’ve found the right one.

3. Does the photographer have enough capacity?


You seldom need to manage and arrange simple photographs like portraits. But you’ll probably need a project manager on larger productions.

Freelance photographers often work alone, but get help from assistants. The alternative to a freelancer may be a photo agency, or advertising agency, who usually employ project managers.

Tip: When hiring a photographer, check if they have an assistant who can help manage the shoot. If not, there’s a large risk that you may become a project manager (which doesn’t have to be wrong – but it does give you an argument for negotiating a better price.)

Good luck.

Adam Haglund

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