About film


Film is an effective way to tell your story. It quickly captures people’s interest and retains it. And films are the most shared medium on social media.

Whether you want a quality corporate movie with authentic feeling, a commercial to use for content marketing or film an event, we can help.

Apelöga gives you great advantages over hiring a freelancer.


Client: Malmö Town, through the agency Prime.
Starring: The artist Rickard Söderberg, the designer Louise Nassiri and the chef Titti Qvarnström.
Goal: To attract visitors to Malmö by showing what the city has to offer.


Want to create a corporate movie to showcase your business, product or service? Then invest in content marketing.

We help you create an authentic corporate film that shows your business from the best angle. The key is not just talking about you what you do, but why you do it.

We like to highlight some of the people who use your products and create amazing stories around them.

"I have felt confident throughout the film process with Apelöga. I put high demands on delivery and I’m very pleased with the result."

Philip Eide

Philip Eide
Marketing Manager Nordics & Baltics at MasterCard


Film is a really sharp tool if you want to spread your company's values or market a specific campaign.

We focus on content when we make advertising films. Our films don’t shout out a sales message, they focus on how you help your customers.

The result is a film your customers want to watch.

"We hired Apelöga to make films about the new digital tools our salespeople use. The films have helped us convey our employees’ and customers' impressions in an inspiring way.

We are very pleased with the quality of the films. And with the photographs taken in connection with the films. Our collaboration with Apelöga is excellent.

I can definitely recommend them, we are very pleased."

Pernilla Björk
Communication Specialist at IKEA Retail Services


A portrait film is an effective and personal way of telling a story about a company or organization.

The film documents a person's story. Maybe your CEO talking about his vision for the company, or an employee talking about their work. You create a favourable, empathetic image of your company through their stories.

Whoever the main character is, we interweave interview scenes with scenes from the business to create a story that captures your customers’ attention.